Setting time accessories standardsSiren, Alarm bell, signal relay Seiko, amano, simplex, Alltime AT900, factory sirens, schools.
Seiko QR375, QR6500, Timeboy7, Nippo, Pyramid, TP-20, Alltime AT-5.
Sirens, Progammable digital timers, Plug in assy.

Digital Timer Bell-Siren assembly from $341.
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Digital Timer Large Siren assembly $572.
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Steel motorized Siren. 240V-105db.

Near actual size. Normal to Large factory.

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Program instructions Legrand Timers.

Program instructions ORBIS Timers.

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Large metal motorized Siren. 240V-130db.
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Close to actual size. Mount under cover and direct towards large open areas.

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130db up to 500 metres with digital timer, 28 programs, Daylight saving.

Steel Chromed 89db 100mm & 150mm Bells. 240V.
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Half of actual size. Small area or medium size shed.

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